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'Curiosity Killed the Cats'

Original Mixed Media on Belgian Linen Canvas
Artwork Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 2cm depth
Framed Dimensions: 53cm x 53cm x 7cm (21” x 21”)


I love how cats are constantly playful and curious about life. I think that staying constantly curious is the key to a fulfilled life but how far does one go? At what point is Pandora’s box opened and the curiosity “kills”?

‘Courage’ is the latest series of paintings from my Botanicals Collection. Instead of trying to recreate nature with my brush and palette knife, I decided to incorporate the lush nature from my childhood into my paintings.

By incorporating real leaves and flowers, the authentic and beautiful essence of Mother Nature transcends onto the canvas. Seeing the intensity of the results from each intricate and individual leaf and flower pattern was empowering; every crease and angle is captured in way a brush could never express so acutely.

I miss having cats now in my adult life and infusing them into my paintings was my way to relive those sweet memories.

Price: USD 2,800

Blossom Gallery

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