Sensual Collection

This collection is about awaking to sensuality, femininity and empowerment. Inspired by my own personal journey, it embodies the liberation of female sensual energy andthe exquisite complexities of feminine beauty. Each artwork typifies the raw, emotional and hidden aspects of desire that often conceal unspoken dark and bold depths that we feel ashamed of.

This collection is about awaking… to sensuality, to femininity, to empowerment.

In 2016, I was experiencing yet another recurring dream, like the one which spurred me to begin my foray into art. The image and the feeling it aroused were very distinct - a big blue butterfly with three butterflies in the background, flying up to the sky. There was a sensation of being reborn, metamorphosis and freedom. Inspired by my own personal journey of independence, this collection embodies the empowerment of the female sensual energy, celebrating feminine beauty and its exquisite and intricate complexities. 


My artworks typify the raw, emotional and hidden aspects of desire that often conceal unspoken dark and bold depths that we feel ashamed of. Initially, some found this collection shocking as it significantly contrasts with my Children’s Art Collection, which was what I was predominantly known for. Intimidated by the naysayers who advised me to just focus on my Children’s Art, I considered ceasing this exploration into my sensual side. However, after gaining confidence from the immediate sale of my first painting 'Leila’, and then my second painting 'Sasha’ raising the highest amount at a charity auction, I knew it was my destiny. 


This premium collection uses the highest-grade oil paint and has custom-made framing, which is a piece of art in itself.

"Sasha – Contemplation"

Year: 2017

Limited Edition Print of 8 Giclée Print 

Dimension: 29" x 29" (74cm x 74cm)

Price: USD$2,030



This painting is about self-acceptance and the beauty of a bigger picture, told through the story of the flat nose. Sasha came at a tough time in my relationship. Questioning my marriage, I explored who I was and where my roots were. That was when my inspiration came and it was centred around the nose.

As a child, my mum often told me that she told the nurse I wasn’t her baby because of my flat nose. A high nose in Asian culture represents high society; a flat nose, low society. I repeatedly heard this story and it deeply affected my self-confidence and beauty.

The original painting sold and auctioned to a private collector for a good cause – to help sponsor an orphan, Tam, in Vietnam with his speech therapy and living expenses. I am very grateful that my art can help empower other children’s lives.

Sasha has a flat nose but she is beautiful. It reminds us not to focus on one thing, or the negative, as it skews your perception. When you step out of social conditioning and expectations, you gain perspective to see the beauty in who you are and gain self-acceptance. 

“There is beauty in the big picture.“

"Monique – Reflection"

Year: 2017

Limited Edition Print of 8 Giclée Print 

Dimension: 29" x 29" (74cm x 74cm)

Price: USD$2,030




Monique is the Sasha’s twin sister. She may look similar to her sister but there are slight details that makes her very different. Monique is sensual, headstrong yet feminine and gentle.

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The colour purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition.

Light purple or lavender is a feminine, graceful, elegant colour that has long been associated with refined, wealthy women. Monique is a dreamer who seeks spirituality and a higher meaning in her life. 

This is a digitally enhanced artwork of the original painting of Sasha.

"Leila – The Awakening"

Year: 2016

Limited Edition Print of 8 Giclée Print 

Dimension: 26" x 33" (66cm x 84cm)

Price: USD$2,030



Unleashing my inner goddess, this painting expresses my inner sensual and sexy self; making me wonder what I wanted from life. Tapping into this wilder side, I used my brushstrokes freely to represent sensuality and confidence – an often forbidden subject especially in the Asian culture.

Just like she is sat on her bed, rousing from her sleep, Leila is starting to discover her inner self – her wants, her dreams, her desires, her needs, her beauty, her confidence.

She is starting to question if her life has to be what she was brought up to believe.

The original painting was sold the moment she was released. I have decided to keep the print version very limited to nine copies worldwide only. 


“I don’t need permission from anyone anymore. I believe in living life to the fullest, and that means trying every single thing you want to try.”

"Alika – Its OK to have a Big Butt!"

Year: 2017

Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 34" x 40" (80cm x 95cm)

Price: USD$11,598



Taking nearly a year to conceive, this painting embraces where we are and who we are at a point in time. Meaning ‘most beautiful’ in Nigerian, Alika represents how women feel about their bodies. It encapsulates my belief in how to approach life and my personal experience with self-doubt.

The circles represent the circle of life, and the beautiful curves of the woman and the difference in the cool and warm tones on the left and right represent Yin and Yang. 


Framing Description: The framing of this painting is a work of art on its own, designed to complement and enhance the artwork. 


The painting is Float Mounted onto a Semi Transparent Black Acrylic Backing with 3” Visible Border all round, 2” Double Stacked Aluminum Frame (Silver Inner Frame, Black Outer Frame) with Customised Coloured Wood Strips to Match Artwork (Purple to Match Shadows on Alika’s Curve and Green to Match Background)


“Awaking is one thing, embracing is another.”


"Alesha - Surrender"

Year: 2017

Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 37" x 27" (93cm x 68cm)

Price: USD$6,886



This painting is about surrender, understanding surrender, and what it takes to surrender: that surrendering lets love in. Just because surrender is soft and feminine, it doesn’t make it weak, it leads to pleasure and ecstasy.

This was inspired when I truly learnt the real meaning and power of femininity. Each one of us have a masculine and feminine within us, which is often supressed.  

Women feel that they have to be resilient, hard and tough to succeed. As a result, we build a wall around ourselves and our hearts and start to feel unhappy without knowing why.

As I slowly learned the beauty of strength through softness, an incredibly powerful source of energy came deep from within. I slowly found that in surrendering to my fears, I gained newfound strengths underneath. I found boundless love and courage.

Framing Description: The Oil on Canvas is Float Mounted onto a Semi-Transparent Black Acrylic Backing with 3” Visible Border all round and 1” Matte Black Aluminum Frame – elegant, modern and contemporary.


“Surrender to set ourselves free.”

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