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I am a life expressionist passionate about expressing my love for life in vivid colours, on canvas

As an artist, I am inspired to continually push myself beyond my limitations and explore varied themes. Every brushstroke captures my creative spirit and curiosity at that moment. Whatever the theme, my paintings showcase my distinct artistic styles and exude a vibrant positivity and joy. 

"I hope my artwork stirs your soul and inspires happiness from within" - Mishell

Amber Sonata.jpg


'Meraki' Collection

Capturing the Essence of Life


"Meraki" - Derived from the Greek word; to do something with soul, creativity, or love.

Mishell’s Bee Movement

As part of Mishell’s commitment to the environment and her drive to remind her international audience of the underestimated importance of bees to our ecosystem, she has hidden the buzzing little treasures in the majority of her creations.


This playful hidden element not only adds a fun challenge to engage the viewer but serves as an important reminder of the role of bees in our fragile ecosystem. It’s all too easy to get caught up on the big things in life, forgetting that the smallest things can in fact make the most significant impact.

“Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.”

– Antoni Gaudi


Mishell is proud to be represented by Curate International, a global art consultancy that brings artistic collaborations truly alive.

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