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 Malaysian born Artist, Mishell Leong is a life expressionist; passionate about communicating her love for life through her use of vivid colours and bold techniques found in her iconic artwork. 

Mishell’s signature brush strokes found throughout her bodies of work are credit to her ever expansive and evolving nature. She has been liberated from the constraints of traditional techniques and preconceptions of what and how art should be, using her distinct style and vibrant colours as an avenue to communicate her inspirations and messages to the world. 

 Growing up in the colourful tropical metropolis of South East Asia, Mishell naturally channels the luscious colours of her childhood. Each of her unique works are a creative offering; serving to inspire and bring joy to each collector and their chosen space. 

As a multiculturalist who has lived all over the world, Mishell very much identifies with Western culture and way of life, as much as she does with Asian. Mishell started out her professional career as a Chartered Accountant in London which quickly transported her to New York, Korea, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore and beyond. Mishell’s journey in the world of finance came to an end in 2012 when she gave into her true calling of expression and has not looked back. As all great stories often tell, life has taken her one full circle and she now finds herself residing back in Switzerland beside stunning Lake Zurich creating more than ever. 

Her latest solo show ‘Blossom – A Journey of Love, Life & Beauty’ opens in Vienna on 15th March 2023. This latest collection is inspired by Mishell’s inner journey; finding peace and surrender amidst uncertain times. Mishell taps into life’s energetic flow drawing on love and the beauty of each given moment & all that surrounds us to create her new collection. 

Each work from this exquisite collection has its own individual story, words of affirmation and other extraordinary details, textures and highlights that bring terrific uplifting energy to any given space. 

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Agent representation

Agent Representation

Curate International works with a large repertoire of phenomenally successful and established artists along with emerging artists with a huge finesse for success. 


Mishell is proud to be represented by this dynamic global art consultancy, bringing artistic collaboration truly alive.


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