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"So wonderful to see my girlfriend from hometown Subang Jaya going places and expressing her joy and love for life in her paintings

As an artist she is courageous, bold and vivacious, and she balances that with deep compassion, nurturing and femininity that are so needed in this work.

Building bridges and entryways into love and kindness, having strength in the conviction of her truth and expressing it without fear or judgment is what Mishell Leong is very good at. 

That is why her art touches people and reaches across borders."

Chuah Ai Jou, Friend and Fan, Writer

“Compassion, Passion and Dream are the perfect match for our rather monochrome coloured living room. The lush tropical greenery outside is perfectly continued into the living room, creating a refreshing and relaxing feeling through the soothing yet vibrant colors.
Looking closer at the pictures you never get tired discovering new details and getting new inspirations while indulging in the beautiful colors. Thank you for the beautiful artwork 😍”


“COMPASSION and DANCE make me feel happy, because they are so positive, colorful and full of life.”

Anne Secomb, Arbitrator 

whatsapp image 2021-07-26 at 9.09.37 pm.jpeg

“ I love having Dream and Passion in my home, the colours are so beautiful and uplifting, they make me happy. I also love how the light picks up the gold leaf more at certain times of day. I have them hanging in my stairwell and I often stop to look at them, picking out different features each time, as I'm making my way up and down the stairs. Just gorgeous!”

Tamara Hewson, Singapore 

“I love the vibrancy and warmth ‘Flow’ brings to our family living room. Depending on the different time of the day or the light it’s depth means different elements jump out, there’s so much in it for all of us to love. A beautiful piece created by a beautiful friend! 💗”

Nicola Etheredge, Singapore

"Mishell's “TRUST” turned my dining room/home office into a more colorful and fun environment. The great art piece has given our open living space new energy and is a conversation topic every time we have friends over for drinks or dinner"

Anja Hinds, Singapore 

“I just love the way LOVE brightens up my room and brings this joy of colours into it! It has automatically changed the vibe of our bedroom and I cannot imagine that wall without it anymore! It was the perfect gift”Sara Gama, Switzerland  

“Oh yes, they are so lovely and on the wall now, it really makes us very happy and joyful and remembers us of the great time we had in Singapore, all our friends love it too and you can really keep looking into all the little details of the painting, Thank you so much!!!”Esther van Diepen, Netherlands

whatsapp image 2021-07-26 at 8.50_edited.jpg

“I was naturally drawn to FLOW because of the colours and I also felt that it was mine. It was meant for me. At that time, I saw the lotus flower - to me, the Lotus flower is my name in Chinese and it represents spirituality where the Buddha sits on. It also reminds me of how I am - a resilient, beautiful being who grows through challenges and becomes something even more beautiful. As we all know, that is the lotus flower - it grows through the mud, it is prosperous and grows into a beautiful flower. So, when it came to this painting, I was just naturally drawn to it because of how it made me feel connected to my spirituality. I really love that it is full of life and abundance. At that time, and it still resonates with me now - it is about flowing and just being, and just knowing I, as a being, is enough for things to flow naturally to me. 

That’s how it made me feel - Lively, connected and full of energy. I just love it. I love that it has all the elements that mean a lot to me, like the butterflies and the dragonfly really mean something to me - they represent freedom to me and authenticity. I just love having those really small hidden messages of “believe”, “trust”, “flow” - it reminds me to really believe in myself and trust myself. It makes me feel really reassured and full of life.”

Sophie Leung, Singapore 

My Mum's Garden, Mishell Leong Watercolour

"I have been taken with Mishell's artwork since stumbling upon her Instagram account some time back. When one of her art piece came up for sale, I just had to get it. And no regrets! It really livens up my living space and makes me so happy!"

Sharon Low - Watercolour (My Mum’s Garden)

All I can say is that something resonated within me and I now proudly own both these gorgeous pieces 😁”

Private Collector for “Ketupat & Sirap Bandung” and “That Corner House”, Botanical Collection

Ketupat & Sirap Bandung, That Corner House, Mishell Leong, Botanicals Art Collection

“I was able to reconnect with Mishell and follow her journey as an artist through social media. I was naturally attracted to her botanical series and two pieces in particular caught my eye. 

And so I followed her updates diligently as the pieces started taking shape, layer upon layer. 

I personally found it intriguing to be able to witness the complete evolution of the pieces - it truly was a labour of love 😊 from blank canvases to ... vibrant ,whimsical art with amazing depth and topographic textures. 

I happened to be in Singapore a few weeks later and decided I had to see her work up close.

 “Right from the early days of Mishell’s art career, I have always been mesmerised by her stunning, colourful and vibrant pieces. It has been such a pleasure and so much fun following her journey. I love the stories behind each art piece, Mishell is so expressive and is not afraid to show her vulnerability - which is a huge strength.


In 2017, I organised a charity cocktail event where we had art for sale and for auction, it was an honour to have Mishell as one of the four artists presented. It was at this event that Mishell had her first big breakthrough when her beautiful painting “Sasha” was auctioned off at a much higher price than anticipated. It was a fantastic moment and a huge benefit to the charity. Every piece of art Mishell makes has her heart and soul in it, anyone who has one in their home is very fortunate. I am always so excited to see each new piece!”

Ina Hammer - Sensual Collection

Sasha, Mishell Leong Sensual Art Collection

"Discovering Mishell's gorgeous artwork for my son's (and my viewing pleasure) nursery/playroom was one of the greatest blessings in our lives! Each piece we ordered and customised from her was even more amazing (if it's even possible!) than the previous! There is so much love and passion in her work, that's it's felt down to the very last detail ! I know I can be a pain in making decisions in customisation, but Mishell as always ever so patient and accommodating; never once did I feel pressured or my request slighted.

Our Son James asks for his "fireman painting" almost daily, and goes thorough almost every little detail. And if you have seen Mishell's work, you will know that can take some time (in a good way!) because she thinks of EVERYTHING for her painting scenes! Now the only problem is, when my son's new playroom is done, I don't know how many more I might add! 

Thank you!”

Eileen Seah, Art Collector, Singapore - Children art 

Mishell Leong, Happiness Art Collectin
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