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Year: 2020
Limited Edition Giclee Print
Artwork Dimension: 70cm x 70cm

These 50 limited edition prints are lithographs of my favourite original works and dive into the enchanted world of abundance. Incorporating all the precious elements that make us whole, each picture takes you on your own magical journey, bringing harmony and peace to your chosen space. 

Showcasing my signature layers of bold, luscious, vibrance, these exclusive prints represent the fluidity of life and the surprises it holds. What makes this collection so unique is that I have hidden words and messages within each picture that intrigue and create a personal connection with each piece.

Each lithograph is printed on professional-grade fine art paper made from 100% textured cotton rag. This method for making fine art paper has been refined in Europe at paper mills that have operated for hundreds of years. 

Lithographs are supplied unframed.

$1000 USD including shipping


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