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Oil on Canvas
Framed Dimension: 81cm x 96cm
Artwork Dimension: 70cm x 55cm

Taking nearly a year to conceive, this painting embraces where we are and who we are at a point in time. 

Meaning ‘most beautiful’ in Nigerian, Alika represents how women feel about their bodies. It encapsulates my belief in how to approach life and my personal experience with self-doubt.

The circles represent the circle of life, and the beautiful curves of the woman and the difference in the cool and warm tones on the left and right represent Yin and Yang. 

Framing Description: The framing of this painting is a work of art on its own, designed to complement and enhance the artwork. 

The painting is Float Mounted onto a Semi Transparent Black Acrylic Backing with 3” Visible Border all round, 2” Double Stacked Aluminum Frame (Silver Inner Frame, Black Outer Frame) with Customised Coloured Wood Strips to Match Artwork (Purple to Match Shadows on Alika’s Curve and Green to Match Background)

“Awaking is one thing, embracing is another.”

Price including worldwide shipping: USD$11,500

Blossom Gallery

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