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'Floating in Paradise'

Original Mixed Media on Canvas
Artwork Dimensions: 122cm x 92cm x 8cm
Framed Dimensions: 140cm x 110cm x 8.5cm


I wanted to create a painting that reminds us to not take life too seriously, to lie back and enjoy going with the flow of life’s stream - because we often get so caught up in our own race.

I love how this painting is full of little surprises - from hidden ladybirds and bees, to the intricate details of the Washi papers used to create the fishes.

Textures created from actual leaves from my garden, a combination of the 23k warm yellow Russian gold leaf vs the cooler temperature of the Japanese Shinagawa gold leaf, this painting brings instant magic to any space it is in.

The exquisite mixed media artwork comes paired with a poem of inspiration by artist Mishell Leong along with a musical accompaniment by renowned composer Ricky Ho.

Price: USD 11,900

Blossom Gallery

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