Botanicals Collection

My Botanicals Collection is a personal compilation of the carefree days of my childhoodwithin an eastern paradise - playing with sticks and leaves behind my house; daily walks to and from school; and my mother’s favourite flower, the pure and resilient orchid. 


My verdant, tropical surroundings provide the inspiration for the natural beauty of these textured paintings, which are my most popular artworks.


Also discover the hidden bees, ladybirds and other details concealed within the colourful paintings.

A personal collection of childhood memories within an eastern paradise


Moving back to Asia and living in Singapore, stirred memories of the carefree days of my childhood - playing with sticks and leaves in the playground behind my house; daily walks to and from school that saw me jumping over puddles, watching tadpoles and ants, and observing bees they busily collected nectar from hibiscus flowers. I smile when I think about my mother’s obsession with orchids, which as a child I could not comprehend. Now, I appreciate the purity and strength of these beautiful floras. These verdant, tropical surroundings of my youth are so far removed from the sanitised, technological world of our children today. 

Although the botanical theme is widely represented in the art world, I dig deep into my childhood and give my personal 'Mishell’ perspective. I hope this lush yet simple, textured and smooth, contemporary yet traditional collection resonates deeply with you. 

'My Secret Garden'

Framing Description: The Oil on Canvas is Float Mounted onto a Black Acrylic Backing with 4” Visible Border all round and 1” Gold Leaf Frame – elegant, modern and contemporary.

Framed: 86cm x 117cm x 6.5cm
Painting: 61cm x 91cm

I have a little garden inside me,
A secret little garden,
Where fairies and goblins dwell,
And the birds and the bees swell;
The secret garden blooms and blooms,
Every morning - revealing new miracles,
A little girl plays,
As she dances and twirls,
Sprinkling gold dust and shimmer,
Telling me to
Live, dance, eat, pray and love,
May the long time sun shine upon you,
May you find your secret garden of magical power one day.

Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$9,250


'Floating in Paradise'

“What is this life, if full of care; we have no time to

stand and stare.”

W.H. Davies


I wanted to create a painting that reminds us to not take life too seriously, to lie back and enjoy going with the flow of life’s stream - because we often get so caught up in our own race. 

I love how this painting is full of little surprises - from hidden ladybirds and bees, to the intricate details of the Washi papers used to create the fishes. 

Textures created from actual leaves from my garden, a combination of the 23k warm yellow Russian gold leaf vs the cooler temperature of the Japanese Shinagawa gold leaf, this painting brings instant magic to any space it is in.

Original Mixed Media on Canvas


Framed: 140cm x 110cm x 8.5cm

Artwork Dimension: 122cm x 92cm x 8cm


Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$11,900

Courage Collection

'Pineapple Tart'


Inspired by the memories of one of my favourite highlights of Chinese New Year at home in Malaysia - the buttery aroma & crumbly texture of this pastry cookie with the soft, gooey sweet &  slight tart pineapple filling. 

When I close my eyes and imagine myself popping one of these tarts into my mouth - the explosion of colours and flavours and textural sensation is what I see. 

Be prepared to be surprised and delighted by the little hidden surprises of ladybirds and bees as well as the layers of textures created by the leaves’ imprints on this unique painting. 

A mix of glossy and matt textures, pastel and fluorescent colours - this piece of artwork is an instant eye catcher and brings the feel-good factor into any space.

FUN FACT: Back in the day in Europe, pineapples were considered a luxury item, reserved for the few who could afford the labour of love, as it took a lot of effort and skill to grow pineapples in this climate.


Original Mixed Media on Canvas


Framed: 96cm x 96cm x 4.5cm

Artwork Dimension: 76cm Diameter x 4cm depth


Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$8,030

'Tropical Awakening'

Growing up in Malaysia, my world has always been brimming with vivid colours. Colour is something that I am extremely fond of and is an essential part of my life and who I am as a person.

The particular shade of Pink I’ve used in ‘Tropical Awakening’ reminds me of my favourite childhood drink, “Sirap Bandung” - a delicious heady mix of rose Syrup, ice and milk... a refreshing respite on a hot sunny afternoon.

This very inspiration carried through into the subject and creation, as I wanted the painting to exude a sense of the cool refreshing respite of shade created by the beautiful majestic palm leaves on a hot and humid afternoon.

I have also hidden messages and words of loving empowerment in the painting because I believe in the power of the subconscious mind. It is where beliefs, memories and untapped power are stored. 

“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.”

Original Mixed Media on Belgian Linen Canvas


Framed: 96cm x 96cm x 4.5cm

Artwork Dimension: 76cm Diameter x 4cm depth

Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$5,800

'A Moment in Time'


Soft dreamy colours, with bold palette knife strokes - bringing me instantly back to my childhood memories of dancing in the rain in fields full of wild flowers.

Enhanced by the delicate sprinkling of glitter dust (often referred to by me as “magic dust”) creating this magical twilight feel as it catches the light.


‘A Moment in Time’ is framed in a beautiful brushed champagne frame & mounted on glossy black acrylic panel to pop all the dreamy colours – creating an incredibly elegant piece fit for any corporate space or home interior.


Original Mixed Media on Canvas


Framed: 50cm x 50cm x 4cm

Artwork Dimension: 30cm x 30cm x 2cm


Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$1,880



In life, there is no choice to but to continuously blossom. 

Delicate petals in oil contrasting with the thick and bold movements of the palette knife - reminding us go forth in life with boldness and compassion.

An absolutely stunning piece that was created from my own imagination and dreams.


‘Blossom’ is framed in a beautiful brushed champagne frame & mounted on glossy black acrylic panel to pop the enchanting colours – creating an incredibly elegant finish fit for any corporate space or home interior. 


Original Mixed Media on Canvas


Framed: 50cm x 50cm x 4cm

Artwork Dimension: 30cm x 30cm x 2cm

Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$1,880

'Black Magic'

I wanted to celebrate the colour black because black is beautiful and magical too. 


Black corresponds to water in Fengshui and is considered to be a neutral colour in Chinese culture and is the colour of heaven, symbolising the northern and western sky. The colour black represents immortality, knowledge, stability and power. 


The striking luminescent colours represent the celebration of life and festivities from my culture. A big part of my childhood involves much eating and celebrations of each other’s cultures and ethnicities, which is represented by the joyful and vibrant strokes.

This is no ordinary black but the blackest of black, made from a special technology and pigment called “Nanoblack”. 


Original Mixed Media on Belgian Linen Canvas


Framed: 96cm x 50cm x 7cm

Artwork Dimension: 91cm x 45.5cm x 4cm

Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$2,200

"Hug Me, Squish Me"

I remember the languid afternoons spent stroking and tending to the cats I had at one point in my childhood. They were not housecats, but rather cats from the neighbourhood that I adopted and fed. They were my source of comfort and solace during my unhappy moments. 


‘Courage’ is the latest series of paintings from my Botanicals Collection. Instead of trying to recreate nature with my brush and palette knife, I decided to incorporate the lush nature from my childhood into my paintings.


By incorporating real leaves and flowers, the authentic and beautiful essence of Mother Nature transcends onto the canvas. Seeing the intensity of the results from each intricate and individual leaf and flower pattern was empowering; every crease and angle is captured in way a brush could never express so acutely.

I miss having cats now in my adult life and infusing them into my paintings was my way to relive those sweet memories.


Original Mixed Media on Belgian Linen Canvas


Framed: 53cm x 53cm x 7cm ( 21” x 21”)

Artwork Dimension: Diameter 40cm x 2cm Depth


Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD$2,800