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Botanicals Collection

My Botanicals Collection is a personal compilation of the carefree days of my childhoodwithin an eastern paradise - playing with sticks and leaves behind my house; daily walks to and from school; and my mother’s favourite flower, the pure and resilient orchid. 


My verdant, tropical surroundings provide the inspiration for the natural beauty of these textured paintings, which are my most popular artworks.


Also discover the hidden bees, ladybirds and other details concealed within the colourful paintings.

A personal collection of childhood memories within an eastern paradise


Moving back to Asia and living in Singapore, stirred memories of the carefree days of my childhood - playing with sticks and leaves in the playground behind my house; daily walks to and from school that saw me jumping over puddles, watching tadpoles and ants, and observing bees they busily collected nectar from hibiscus flowers. I smile when I think about my mother’s obsession with orchids, which as a child I could not comprehend. Now, I appreciate the purity and strength of these beautiful floras. These verdant, tropical surroundings of my youth are so far removed from the sanitised, technological world of our children today. 

Although the botanical theme is widely represented in the art world, I dig deep into my childhood and give my personal 'Mishell’ perspective. I hope this lush yet simple, textured and smooth, contemporary yet traditional collection resonates deeply with you. 

Blossom Collection

Blossom Collection

'Aqua Reflections'


'Aqua Reflections' is a multisensory work of art which invites you to delve into your true sense of self and reflection; bringing together three works of art in one.

The exquisite mixed media artwork comes paired with a poem of inspiration by artist Mishell Leong along with a musical accompaniment by renowned composer Ricky Ho.

Inspired by her inner journey and sense of wholeness shared in the poem; the artist seeks to create an inspirational energy portrayed through her use of vibrant colours and incredible texture. The work includes extracts from the poem around the edges of the canvas along with 23k gold leaf embellishments which add a sensual illumination to the work reflecting the inner beauty we all hold, bringing instant joy and love to any given space.

Medium: Original Mixed Media Oil on Canvas

Artwork Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm

Price including Worldwide Shipping: USD 18,100

Aqua Reflections
Twilight Whispers