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Sensual Collection

This collection is about awaking to sensuality, femininity and empowerment. Inspired by my own personal journey, it embodies the liberation of female sensual energy andthe exquisite complexities of feminine beauty. Each artwork typifies the raw, emotional and hidden aspects of desire that often conceal unspoken dark and bold depths that we feel ashamed of.

This collection is about awaking… to sensuality, to femininity, to empowerment.

In 2016, I was experiencing yet another recurring dream, like the one which spurred me to begin my foray into art. The image and the feeling it aroused were very distinct - a big blue butterfly with three butterflies in the background, flying up to the sky. There was a sensation of being reborn, metamorphosis and freedom. Inspired by my own personal journey of independence, this collection embodies the empowerment of the female sensual energy, celebrating feminine beauty and its exquisite and intricate complexities. 


My artworks typify the raw, emotional and hidden aspects of desire that often conceal unspoken dark and bold depths that we feel ashamed of. Initially, some found this collection shocking as it significantly contrasts with my Children’s Art Collection, which was what I was predominantly known for. Intimidated by the naysayers who advised me to just focus on my Children’s Art, I considered ceasing this exploration into my sensual side. However, after gaining confidence from the immediate sale of my first painting 'Leila’, and then my second painting 'Sasha’ raising the highest amount at a charity auction, I knew it was my destiny. 


This premium collection uses the highest-grade oil paint and has custom-made framing, which is a piece of art in itself.



The image size is 52.5 x 70cm which makes it perfect to create an impact in most rooms and space you would like to place her in. Her colours in real life are incredibly vibrant and I am so happy that the beautiful textures of the work come through on the print as well.


Each lithograph is signed, editioned and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The price includes complimentary DHL shipping worldwide exclusive of import taxes and duties.

Mishell Leong Limited Edition Lithographs are distributed worldwide through Curate International on behalf of the artist as her agent.

Year: 2020

Limited Edition Print of 25 Giclee Print

Artwork Dimension: 52.5cm x 70cm


Price including worldwide shipping: USD$800