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Watercolour Collection

I approach each painting with my signature energetic style, and use lots of layers to create depth and colour, which is unusual in this style of artwork. 


Filled with colourful and flowing paintings, the collection captures the spirit of calm with soothing fluidity. I adore experimenting with shading and colours; and by adding multiple layers, the colours and pigments are enhanced providing greater depth and flamboyance. 

This collection of colourful and flowing paintings capture the spirit of calm


Ever since I was a small child, I’ve loved this medium of art. During my art sessions at school, we experimented with the "watery effect" of watercolours and Batik painting. To this day, I find the fluidity of watercolour on paper soothing and calming to my soul. Painting peonies especially brings me joy, and I adore experimenting with shading and colours. My only reservation is the muted tones or lower vibrancy of this painting style, so to create my signature flamboyant artworks, I add multiple layers to my watercolour pieces. This enhances their colours and the pigments within those colours, providing greater depth. 

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