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How to Buy Art for Your Home

I was recently part of the "Colour Your Home" workshop (will write about that in a separate blog) and I received some very interesting questions about buying art that I thought I should share with the wider world.

Colour Your Home Workshop with Big Blue Trunk
Launch of Colour Your Home Workshop on 14th April 2021

Here are a few of the common questions I received at the workshop:

"How do I buy art? What is the one point I should consider the most?"

The beauty of art is that it is so subjective and speaks to people in different ways. I always recommend my clients to select pieces of art that speak to them personally. If you are beginner art buyer, it is most important to buy something that you truly love and connect it because you are going to be looking at it everyday!

For slightly more serious or experienced buyers who are looking to invest a little more in art, I would encourage you to understand the Artist's use of materials. Longevity of the artwork is important for investment art. Certain colours and mediums may change colour or fade over time, depending on the quality and intensity of the pigment.

My works are created to evoke emotion; with my use of bold and vibrant colours and hidden messages I seek to uplift my collectors and leave them feeling inspired. Each of my works has so many layers and elements that there is always something new to connect with.

"How do I choose the perfect frame for my piece of art?"

Art and framing go hand in hand and you can’t have one without the other. A complimentary frame brings out the true colour and impression of the artwork, adding character and a personal touch of style.

You can make a more contemporary artwork blend with a more rustic interior and vice versa depending on the framing you pick. Framing is not only a fundamental support for an artwork, it protects it from the environmental elements as well as being a vital bridge which complements the artwork in an interior.

I've also written a blog on the importance of framing here.

Framing Painting
Framing can totally transform and elevate the value of your art

"I currently have some small pieces of cheap art. How can I combine it with your Lithographs?"

Art collections can be curated in such a way that the individual work plays on one another creating an added conversation element to the space. If one was looking to create some uniformity from a very varied collection, framing is great way to tie the works together and create synergy.

Colour Your Home Workshop
One of the 'rooms' put together by our participants

I always encourage my collectors to have fun and not to be afraid of making their space truly personal. I love the eclectic mix of old black and white photos, posters and contemporary artwork. Consider creating a collage wall to really create a quirky space that is only personal to you. I personally mix our family photos which I print onto canvasses with my own artworks.


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