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I was on TV!

🌟 I was once featured on TV 🤩🙌.

I am not sure if I’ve shared this 2020 interview by the dynamic and amazing Eunice Olsen herself for WomentalkTV in Singapore.

“Mishell Leong is a self-taught artist based in Singapore. She creates art that draws on different facets of her personality and life journey, and employs various artistic techniques which have been said to be representative of her East-meets-West heritage.”

I am sooo grateful to have been offered this opportunity to share my story of how I went from a Chartered Accountant, working on a global risk project in an investment bank - overnight to being a self-taught professional artist 🧑🏻‍🎨.

I hope this inspires you. Please share this interview if you think it will benefit someone you have in mind who is considering a leap of faith into life 💛🙏🏻.

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